2022.07.16 Congratulations to Dr. Jianyu Zhang’s work accepted by Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.  ( A Dihydroazulene-based Photofluorochromic AIE System for Rewritable 4D Information Encryption). Read more

2022.07.01 Congratulations to Mr. Bo Chu’s work accepted by J. Am. Chem. Soc.  ( Aliphatic Polyesters with White-light Clusteroluminescence). Read more

2022.06.27 It is so hard for us to say goodbye to our three excellent labmates (Dr. Qiguang ZANG, Dr. Jie Zhang and Dr. Fulin Yang), best wishes to you in your new places, and hope to see you in the near future.

2022.06.23 Dr. Lei Wang received the fund of “中国博士后科学基金第71批面上项目”。Congratulations!

2022.06.08 Congratulations to Mr. Jianyu Zhang’s work accepted by Nat. Commun.  ( Secondary through-space interactions facilitated single-molecule white-light emission from clusteroluminogens). Read more

Fig. 1

2022.5.31 Dr. Fulin Yang passes her Ph.D. defense. Congratulations, cheers!

2022.5.16 Group hiking at the outskirts of Hangzhou.

2022.04.18 Congratulations on the success of the 1st International Conference on Clusteroluminescence (ICC) organized by our group. Read more

2022.04.10 Congratulations to Dr. Junkai Liu’s work accepted by J. Am. Chem. Soc.  ( Through-Space Interaction of Tetraphenylethylene: What, Where and How). Read more

2022.03.03 Our collaboration work with Prof. Feihe Huang was accepted by Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.  ( Pillararene-Induced Intramolecular Through-Space Charge Transfer and Single-Molecule White-Light Emission). Read more

2022.03.03 Congratulations to Mr. Zhiming Zhang’s work accepted by J. Polym. Sci.  ( The mysterious blue emission around 440 nm in carbonyl-based aliphatic clusteroluminogens).

2022.02.18 Congratulations to Mrs. Fulin Yang’s work published by Mater. Chem. Front. (Poly(1-halogen-2-phenylacetylenes) containing tetraphenylethene units: polymer synthesis, unique emission behaviours and application in explosive detection). read more

2022.01.07 Congratulations to Mr. Zhiming Zhang’s work published by Cell. Rep. Phys. Sci.  ( The role of amide (n,π*) transitions in polypeptide clusteroluminescence). read more

2022.01.07 Congratulations to Mr. Jianyu Zhang’s work published by Adv. Photonics. (White-light Emission from Organic Aggregates: a Review). read more


2021.11.26 Congratulations to Mr. Bo Chu’s work accepted by Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. (Altering Chain Flexibility of Aliphatic Polyesters for Yellow-green Clusteroluminescence in 38% Quantum Yield). read more

2021.11.21 Our work is accepted by Chemical Science. (An Unexpected Non-conjugated AIEgen with Discrete Dimer for Pure Intermolecular Through-Space Charge Transfer Emission). read more

2021.11.14 Group hiking at Wuchaoshan National Forest Park (午潮山国家森林公园)

2021.11.04 We invited Prof. Zujin Zhao from South China University of Technology to give a talk in our department. Thank Prof. Zhao for his impressive lecture.

2021.10.23 We held our group meeting with Professor Ben Zhong Tang.

2021.10.22 We invited Prof. Xin Zhang from Westlake University to give a talk in our department. Thank Prof. Zhang for his impressive lecture.

2021.09.19 Welcome our five new members, wish you a happy and fruitful graduate career.

2021.09.01 Our subgroup at ZJU-HIC is recruiting postdoctoral researchers with backgrounds in photophysical chemistry, computational chemistry, synthetic chemistry, and biological chemistry, etc. Please find the details.

2021.08.19 Our perspective article was accepted by JACS Au.

Through-Space Interactions in Clusteroluminescence, read more

2021.08.03 Our subgroup is established, which is supported by the”Young Talent Plan” Program of ZJU-Hangzhou Global Scientific and Technological Innovation Center.

2021.07.30 Our group attend the “International Conference on Aggregate Science-20th Anniversary of AIE Research” in Guangzhou on July 25-28, 2021.

2021.06.02 Congratulations to Mr. Jianyu Zhang’s work published in JACS.

How to Manipulate Through-Space Conjugation and Clusteroluminescence of Simple AIEgens with Isolated Phenyl Rings. Read more…

2021.05.15 We held our group meeting with Professor Ben Zhong Tang.

2021.03.06 Congratulations to Dr. Jie Zhang’s work published in JACS.

Sulfur Conversion to Multifunctional Poly(O-thiocarbamate)s through Multicomponent Polymerizations of Sulfur, Diols, and Diisocyanides. Read More

2021.01.05 Congratulations to Mr. Juechen Ni’s review accepted by Molecules.

“Aggregation-Induced Generation of Reactive Oxygen Species: Mechanism & Photosensitizer Construction”

2021.01.04 Our review article was accepted by Advanced Materials entitled “Stimuli-Responsive AIEgens”.

Stimuli-Responsive AIEgens. Read more…


2020.12.28 Congratulations to Dr. Jie Zhang’s review published in Catalysts.

“Metal-Free Catalysts for the Polymerization of Alkynyl-Based Monomers”. Catalysts, 2021, 11, 1.

2020.12.27 Our research article was accepted by Advanced Science entitled “Clusteroluminescence from Cluster Excitons in Small Heterocyclics Free of Aromatic Rings”.


2020.12.27 Our review paper was accepted by Chemical Research in Chinese Universities entitled “Restriction of Intramolecular Motion (RIM): Investigating AIE Mechanism from Experimental and Theoretical Studies”.

2020.12.22 We held our group meeting with Professor Ben Zhong Tang.

On the sunny Sunday, Prof. Tang came to Hangzhou to participate in our group meeting. He spoke highly of our students’ research works and raised a lot of constructive comments. We are encouraged by his coming and become more confident in our projects. Thank you professor Tang, we have a happy and fruitful working weekend.

2020.09.16 Welcome new members!

Welcome new Ph.D. student Ziteng ZHANG (B.S. from Hefei University of Technology), M.S. students Zhiming ZHANG (B.S. from Zhejiang University) and Wei YAN (B.S. from Soochow University) join our research group. Wish you a fruitful and joyful postgraduate study.

2020.08.08 Our team came up with a new concept of “Aggregate Science” from twenty-years AIE research. The related work was published in Adv. Mater. as a Hall of Fame review.

唐本忠院士团队及其国际合作者在聚集诱导发光(AIE)概念提出二十周年之际,从研究哲学的高度审视AIE研究的历史,现状和将来,提出了聚集体科学(Aggregate Science)的概念。冀望从传统分子科学出发,走进介观世界,构建一个研究聚集体科学的新平台。相关讨论与观点以“聚集体科学:从结构到性质”为题发表在《先进材料》的名人堂(Hall of Fame)综述系列(Aggregate Science: From Structures to Properties, Adv. Mater. 2020, 32, 2001457)。更多

2020.05.15 Welcome our new team member – Dr. Haoke Zhang

Dr. Haoke Zhang, currently working at HKUST as a postdoctoral fellow, will join our group as a tenure-track assistant professor (特聘副研究员) in the coming September. Welcome aboard!

2020.02.20 Congratulations to Dr. Cheng’s work published in MCF.

“Microscopic visualization and mechanism investigation of the crystal jumping behavior of a cyclic chalcone derivative”. Mater. Chem. Front., 2020, 4, 651-660.

2019.12.31 New year’s greetings from Prof. Jingzhi Sun

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